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Quality beaded jewelry and accessories 

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Monique Reese

Hi, I'm Moe.  I am a bead and bracelet artist. I am self-taught. Like most artists who seek change, my style is changing and evolving. My beads are an extension of me…classy, vibrant, and versatile.


I find the process of touching the beads a healing one.  A very important element of my work is the bead texture, and I am typically drawn to the slightly imperfect beads with a touch of roughness.  It feels more organic and comfortable.  


My beads must have amazing color and vibrancy that evokes emotion and energy. In case you’re wondering how I came up with my name, Moes Beads & Tings, no other name seemed to fit me more naturally. 


I am Moe!  I am a God fearing woman, daughter, sister, friend, consoler and artist. Everyone calls me Moe and you can too.


Moes' Beads   Tings

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